Hanna Heino is an Finnish artist.

Hanna Heino is a Finnish artist, based in Helsinki. She enjoys the calmness and purity of the nature and the creative processes she does at her holiday home in western Finland, near the nature. That is the surroundings where she has grown up.

After working fifteen years in various interior design offices and positions of civil engineering, she established her own studio in 2019.

“I have always have had strong faith that our surroundings affect us powerfully. I have a urge to combine art to interiors and make it part of our everyday life. Bring art closer to our lives. She desires to blend interiors and art as one entity in an unpresidented way.

I love the feeling that I can hold on to my own freedom to create individual pieces and I want to highlight that each of my sculptured creations are a unique piece of art.”

Even thought the art pieces also work as a functional pieces I vaadin esineiltä taidearvoa. You can always find newest pieces from Instagram so there is something you are interested in, don’t hesitate to ask me


Hanna Heino is an Finnish based interior designer, stylist and ceramic artist with 15 years of experience in creating timeless and harmonious homes. 

Before founding her own studio she worked in leading interior architect offices as well as in furniture design and renovation construction business.


With her exceptional talent to focus on details and combine unique pieces with classic elements, she creates balanced and functional spaces which support our well-being. Always staying true to the theme of soft minimalism. 

Hanna also understands technical and structural solutions because of her degree in civil engineering.


Past few years she has also focused on her own fascinating styling projects and has worked as a styling assistant for various commercial photoshoots.


Creativity has been a part of her life ever since she was a kid and that was the time when she first started to create ceramics. Today, ceramics is an essential part of her design philosophy. 


She desires to blend interiors and art as one entity in an unpresidented way.