Measurements: H17,5cm W17cm D17cm

Medium: Ceramics, the artwork consists of 1630 ceramic petals
Edition: Unique work
Authenticity: Signed by the artist




"Crescere" is a collection which expresses humanity; how failing is understandable and how we all are imperfectly beautiful. Every "Cresceres" frame, underneath the numerous ceramic petals, is a slightly unsuccessful sculpture. There can be a small crack or the final finishing was not what was planned.


During the years I have retained these frames while trying to solve how to still utilise the beautiful forms, because it has not felt right to throw away the sculptures just for the sake of a small mistake.


After numerous experiments, covering  the sculptures with small ceramic pieces, each made by hand,  and individually attached  to the ceramic frame, I found the way for a new approach. Every ceramic piece enveloping the sculpture is counted during the process. The new subtle, organic shield  gives delicate perspective and at the same time the sculptures evolved to their current state embodying growth.


CRESCERE is Latin and means growing.


Sculptures are part of a permanent collection which will evolve over time.


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Handmade artworks have fascinating little imperfections.

Because of the display's color settings, cannot guarantee that the artwork colors are fully equivalent to the pieces' actual colors.


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