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CREAM SCULPTURE, lively black, matt

Measurements: H27,5cm W24cm  D17cm

Medium: Ceramics, stoneware clay with earth tones rough firesand
Edition: Unique work
Authenticity: Signed by the artist




"With the 'Cream' sculptures I wanted to create something a bit playful but softly sophisticated. These sculptures were inspired by a full bowl of ice cream and that is how the name ‘Cream’ came about. A sandy and stony finish makes you want to touch the surface and feel the forms."


Place the order by filling in the required information on the 'order form' on the previous page. After that you will receive an email with the payment information within 24 hours.


Handmade artworks have fascinating little imperfections.

Because of the display's color settings, cannot guarantee that the artwork colors are fully equivalent to the pieces' actual colors.


For any questions regarding the artwork, please contact:



€ 790.00

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